The Values of Loneliness 

img_0492-1In class, my teacher presented to us a video about an alternative meaning for loneliness. I agree to the narrator of the video. She saw loneliness as a tranquil moment, a time to relax and notice the small details of life. Personally, I enjoy the peaceful parts of life and search for them. Others may argue that loneliness is not healthy and depressing. To those who are reading,

Why is loneliness perceived as something negative?

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  1. People assume that being lonely means you’re unsuccessful or can’t get along with normal people. But sometimes, like in the quote, it can lead to more opportunities. When you’re alone, you can do anything YOU want, without needing to appeal to someone else’s likes or act differently. The only thing keeping you down is yourself, and that is a sense of freedom and choice that you can’t get any other way than being alone.


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