Video Games


Video Games are growing as time travels forward. The youth are becoming more attracted to video games. Competitions for video games are now forming for different games, one being the League of Legends Championship Series.

However, the adults of the past are either unaware or against video games. Some of the players of the League of Legends Championship Series even lied to their parents or left homes to pursue what they love the most.

This video starts off at 5:52 where the story of a player named Wild Turtle is told. He had a long journey until reaching his goal and becoming well known. (If you watch the video, you do not have to watch the whole thing.

I personally enjoy playing games, but my parents do complain about my time management. Overall, what are games to our society today? Do you enjoy video games? How is your time management? Answer the questions down below if you want to or talk about other things. Talk to other people about this.


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