Trendy Actions

water-bottlefb2-0Trendy actions have been appearing since the beginning of time without people knowing. Nowadays there implemented in dances or challenges. Most of the youth practice these challenges, while others completely avoid them or think they are not appropriate. Parents also do the same. I personally don’t get into the trends but enjoy watching people do it. How about you? Please comment down below and tell me what you think.

(The video above starts at 3:10 because of some material that can be inappropriate, but watch the whole video if you like. In addition this is a clear example of the dab trend in dance, public, and even at spelling bee competitions).

(For this video you do not have to watch the whole thing. There are some inappropriate language, and careful for those who are wearing headphones or earphones because another trend, blasting the bass, can hurt if one has sensitive ears).


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