Why do We Write?

Writing is a special action that we humans can only do (as far as I know). We have our own reasons for writing. For example, we write for fun or we are forced to write. Either way, writing still results into something basic:expression.

We usually express ourselves in different ways, but writing will always be a wimg_0515ay where we can show who we are. The annual write day (I think that is the name, correct me if I am wrong) was yesterday October 20th. We read and discussed documents that related to the day. We read two different authors’ writings, and both ended with a different reason.

One, I quote, stated “I write because I want to.”

The other, “I write because it is like whispering to the one I love.”

Both conclusions surprised me, but made me understand that writing has a special meaning. I personally don’t like to write; however, when I get into it I usually keep going (leaving behind a trial of errors). For anyone who is reading, do you like writing? Why do you write? Comment down below and discuss with friends or family, and have a nice day.


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