Three Stories



BOOM SLAM SCREAM. Hidden under the bed is a child. BOOM SLAM SCREAM. Broken in the head are the parents. BOOM SLAM SCREAM. The house rumbles with anger. BOOM SLAM SCREAM. The child weeps with fingers. BOOM SLAM SCREAM. The parents turn and neglect. BOOM SLAM SCREAM. Here they never forget. BOOM SLAM SCREAM. Parents commit a mistake that will never be a dream. WEEPS WEEPS WEEPS. The parents are put into the position of the child.



Taku’s Fear of Conspiracy

“Taku Taku Taku,” is what I would say when I would wake him up. He would never leave his house, his room, his prison. He was never the way he was until he watched a show, “Never be lenient.” I loved the man he was before that time. I questioned myself before the event, “Should I keep going?” I begged him to come out everyday. He screamed, “Beware the Ides of March, They are watching, or There’s no point living in a fake world.” Finally, there was that day. The day I felt relived, the day I will never forget. Taku came to me and said “Lets go out today to Coral pier.” It was my chance to enjoy myself and talk to him, at least that’s what I thought. As we reached the end of the pier, he stated “Taku is a name that sounds like ‘Take you’ and I thought that if I stayed around they would taku, so goodbye.” Those last words would never appear before my eyes again, but reappear as a thought of a conspiracy.


Teacher Joe

Teacher Joe is a simple man. Teacher Joe is a organized and scheduled man. He enjoys teaching his class the order of life and the personality of people. He claims that life is divided in three, youth to middle to old. He states that personality is split to either mad, happy, or sad with different sub branches. No body ever understands what he says. They complain he is too old. He has no personality at all. He has no right to teach the students of the difficult private school. Everyone complains no body tells. The idea of simplicity is avoided and difficulty takes over. The students had a choice to simply talk to an administrator. However, it seemed to difficult to do so. Teacher Joe continued his simple life teaching difficult topics of life, but one simple lesson he did teach unknowingly was to never forget the simple options in life.





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