Out of the Pouring Rain comes Kindness


What exactly is rain? Rain causes things to get destroyed and creates sorrow within the hearts of creatures. However rain also creates a sync of beats and offers the valuable gift of water. Out of the rain comes the plants and the survival of animals.

Presented by Janet Hounsell in her Rainstorm, the author experiences a rain storm that delays her at a market area. She witnesses a family that owns a truck. The family has their items soaked by the water destroyed, in the rain. Suddenly, an old women runs into the market, grabs a sheet, and rushes out to help cover the items in the back of the truck. In the end, the old women states

“Don’t thank me, just Pass It On when you have the opportunity.”

A huge problem in our world is how we ignore many of those in need. Some help, but offer little. Many of those in need, ask for help but we completely ignore them. The lack of confidence and social discrimination cause us to form this attitude of “avoiding.” In addition our competitive society causes us to ignore others and focus on the needs of ourselves. Solutions to this situation could be to teach one another how to notice and help those in need. Rather than competitive education taking over the school, cooperation should be used. I have personal experience with this “competitive education” every time I move up a grade level. Sometimes we do have group projects and always “collaborate” (or meet each others standards to get the perfect grade, and if one doesn’t tell the teacher and get them to lose all the points). We ignore each other and can’t help each other because we think of ourselves, unless they relate to us. I’m not saying that I don’t do this. For sure I’ve ignored those in need because of my lack of confidence and thinking for only myself, but I try to help most people who have questions. Furthermore, our bonds as students are not as strong. We barely know have of the people in our class and try to choose “the smart ones” to talk to. We use one another rather than “talk” to one another. The following video will show two painters who are competitive, but ,without knowing, they create a masterpiece and could have made an even better piece of art if they worked together.

The following video is from the group CGbros who show this short film of a world in disaster. Even though the video contains no relation to the weather presented in the passage, it shows us a lesson about cooperation. It also shows why we don’t help people in need. Overall it was a great short video helping us to further understand human nature in times of need.

All in all, instead of falling separately and causing destruction to others, we can fall in unison like rain and create a synchronized beat to help those in need get back up.


This doesn’t relate to the problem presented above, but some music, or a genre of music that I like to listen to in the rain is lo-fi hip hop. Here’s a taste from the channel ChilledCow:


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